Resort at Port Arrowhead - Filthy rooms and uncaring management made this mom mad

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My daughters and I stayed at the Resort at Port Arrowhead in Lake Ozark, Missouri in early August 2008. We were looking forward to a last "girls only" weekend before school started. We booked online using the resort's website and signed up for the $50 gas card that they offered upon checkout.

The original 2 double-bed room we booked was unavailable so we were upgraded for free to a 2 queen-bed poolside. This was fine with me; however there were stained bedspreads, a moldy shower curtain, and a dead fly smashed on one of the walls. I won't even comment on the last tenant's food crumbs under the table by the window - oops, just did. Also, the website does not state this, but there is a DJ who plays poolside from 10 am to 7 pm, so there was no relaxing afternoon nap for my six-year old - just a throbbing bass.

Over the course of our two-day stay, we used the outside pools (which were cloudy), the hot tub (which was cold - a pilot light issue), the restaurant (barely a sliver of lake/marina view from the patio, mostly trees), and the miniature golf course (built into a hillside - we lost our balls twice as they rolled down the road to the marina). Parking by the pools was very limited, but was more abundant by the conference center (a long way if you're dragging luggage). The shuffle board course and playground were mediocre at best and the ice machine closest to the pool was out of ice by a little after noon on Saturday.

I will say great things about the weekend lobby and restaurant staff - they were very friendly and knowledgeable about the area. But when I checked out, they were unable to provide me with the $50 gas card and told me I would have to call the next day. When I did and talked to their "revenue manager", she was very impolite and unhelpful. She would not explain how their own website misled me in my booking and informed me that the hotel would be losing money by accomodating me. She told me that the general manager would tell me the same thing and she reminded me that our booking had been upgraded at no charge while implying that I should be satisfied with that.

Before you conclude that I am the vendetta type, please know that I did not complain once about the state of the room while we were there nor did I do so during my conversation with the revenue manager. I would be happy to walk away from this entire experience satisfied that my girls had a good time (and despite everything, they did!) but after that last conversation, I decided that letting everyone know what they were in for might be the best thing I could do.

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